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Latest Projects

Some of the Big eCommerce projects I've worked on over the years together with amazing people from around the globe. All of them are still alive and in good condition.

  • Hosted Payment Page
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  • Experience Layer
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  • Digital Workspace
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  • Digital Experience
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About me

I live in Cracow, Poland and I'm a master of science graduate of Jagiellonian University, majored in computer science with a specialization in applied computer science.

With over 13 years of professional experience I've worked with multiple technologies and languages in both frontend and backend.

I tend to put my fingers into every aspect of computer science wearing all kind of hats.

Lately I've been focused on modern web application design and development in airline sector under E-Commerce area.

Clean code and Best practices enthusiast. React, Typescript and GraphQL fan.

Currently I'm self employed working on a contract through vendor SII for Sabre Airline Solutions

Latest Libs/Gists

Other smaller projects and gists that do not fall into eCommerce category that I've worked on over the years. Please check github for details on each one.